Why now?

I’ve been crocheting about 4 years now.

The first thing I made was my daughter’s blanket. I was pregnant with her at the time and terribly sick. She now sucks her thumb with it but when she was tiny I lay her in bed with me and Paul and lay the blanket on top of her so that she wasn’t too hot under the duvet. 

I had a long crochet-break after that. Well I had a small baby and I was busy with my other three kids too…

My next make was my Attic 24 Granny Stripe blanket. I managed to make the whole thing with a made up stitch of my own which was a kind of twisted treble and a bit! I only realised I’d been doing it wrong when I went on a short crochet course and the woman couldn’t work out what I was doing! I finished up the blanket with the same obscure stitch just so that it would look the same throughout!

I continued with other blanket projects and other bits here and there but I slipped a couple of discs in my back in May 2015 and I ended up having spinal surgery in the September. There wasn’t much I could physically do since I was in so much pain but crochet was something I could get lost in so that’s when my obsession started to take hold!

Since then I’ve had other health problems and am only recently on the mend but my love for crochet has grown. Crochet chills me out. I find it meditative, I can put it down if one of the kids needs something, I can take it with me when I need to wait for them whilst they are in a class. I crochet all the time and usually have a few projects on the go because I can’t wait to start the next one.

One thing I have been waiting for is to start this blog. I’ve been waiting for a decent camera so I can take beautiful pictures of my work, waiting for free time so that I can write wonderfully thought out, detailed tutorials and designs. I’ve been waiting until the house is tidy, waiting until I’ve set up perfect lighting for the pictures I will take with the expensive camera, waiting until I get a manicure, waiting until I can afford a web designer, waiting …

And then I thought sod it!  I’ll just write. I’ll just take pictures. It doesn’t matter if the lighting isn’t perfect or my nails aren’t done. What does it matter that I took my pictures waiting for my kids to finish their swimming lesson? Or that the only way to get a good picture of my hands crocheting was to get my 11 year old to take the pictures over my shoulder? All that matters is that I share my work, my thoughts, frustrations, successes and experience and record my journey as a crochet-obsessed slightly batty, busy mum.

Maybe my readers will understand. Maybe they are like me!

Melly x

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