Scrapghan with Russian join             

Before I got into crochet the children were keen on yarning for want of a better word: sticking yarn to paper, making pom-poms, finger knitting and weaving so I popped a request on Freegle and received quite a few small balls of odds and ends. I’ve since added to these because I started crocheting. I had a bit of a box going when Imogen suggested we make a scrapghan. She didn’t call it that, she called it a blanket made with all the bits of old wool we own! But in America they call them scrapghans. I researched different joins and decided to go for a Russian join in order to make a really big ball of scrap wool:

Here’s a YouTube tutorial for you to look at Russian join

I made a lovely big ball of yarn by repeating the Russian join as I hand wound it and then chained enough stitches to run the length of the back of my settee. I then double crocheted into that foundation chain. The third row is a treble crochet and the next two are granny stitches.

My kids and I agreed that we would all take a turn, the only rule being that we continue the last person’s stitch choice to the end of the row before deciding on our own favourite stitch for the next row.

I love it!

I decided to stick with DK acrylic so it will wash ok, I have got some left over cotton yarn but I’m finding the Russian join just splits the yarn plus having different textures and thicknesses of yarn is a step too far for me, I feel that just the visual eclecticism is enough for me…see everyone has their limits!

I’ve taught Leon to crochet, Imogen and Elizabeth have been keen crocheters for months…Oona has been helping with choosing the colours and I’m thinking of teaching Paul to crochet just so he can do a little and then it will be a real family blanket because we will all have done a little of it!


What do you think? Would you attempt something like this? Or would the randomness stress you out?

Melly x

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