Elizabeth’s corner to corner blanket

I’m really proud of my Elizabeth! When Auntie Flic (my little sis) found out she was pregnant Elizabeth started this blanket for baby Heidi. She wanted it to be big enough to fit over Heidi in her car seat and it has turned out perfectly! Elizabeth has lovely tension and her work is absolutely precise. I can’t see any mistakes in it at all! And she did it all independently apart from King Cole yarn can knot easily when you ‘frog’ it and a couple of times she asked me to unknot the yarn for her.

This is Elizabeth and me. I was hoping to find a picture of her crocheting her blanket but of course I never took one! Duh!


As you can see she finished it off with a row of Double Crochet (UK) around the edge in a contrasting pink yarn.

She could have done with crocheting three trebles in the corner to make it lie flat really, but as I said, it was independent work.

It was an exact square but would definitely have had a crisper finish with a good block. She only just finished it in time though and Auntie Flic didn’t notice. All the pictures were taken by Elizabeth. I like this one, it really shows off the texture of the blanket as well as the uniformity of her stitches



And here is a picture of the recipient! 🙂

Can’t stop looking at her!

Melly x


PS Elizabeth used King Cole yarn which was the same as I used for my star blanket. I taught her to do the C2C stitch by watching Mikey’s (Crochet Crowd) YouTube tutorial with her: Corner to Corner Afghan Project

5 thoughts on “Elizabeth’s corner to corner blanket

      1. No I haven’t seen that I’ll have a Google! Oooh and by the way, we have the same advent calendar as you!! 🙂 great taste! Ha ha


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