Shark slippers            

These shark slippers made me grumpy. Then they made me happy.

Some people who claim to be wise would say my feelings are mine and I shouldn’t let a pair of shark slippers control me…but what can I say? I am flighty and my emotions can be impacted by the slightest of breezes. And definitely by a badly written shark slipper pattern!

When the kids have left home and I have my crochet room which is flooded with sunshine and my craft table is huge and my tea and biscuits plentiful I will become a designer. Because I am quite sure I will do an excellent job of it then!

I was asked to make these slippers by my Sister Flic for her 3 year old child Alex so I purchased a pattern from Etsy and including the yarn they cost me £8 altogether. I started to make them. Needless to say after an hour I had the crocheting done and looked for the instructions to assemble the slippers and it seems the designer thought we were all psychic, so I had to figure that bit out myself. And had to come up with my own gums and teeth to make a realistic shark. I mean come on! Who creates a shark pattern and doesn’t include the teeth? So it took me longer than I thought to come up with these, good job I am not longer a beginner or I would’ve had to bin them!

Another issue is that the  pattern I followed  made slippers that are far too big for Alex (despite being the age 2-4 pattern) they fit my huge-footed 6 year old Leon! Who was totally thrilled with them and wore them with his pirate costume in a nod to Captain Hook!

They are mega slippy and I have since bought some ‘Sock Stop’ which enables you to make dots or wiggly lines on the bottom of the slipper (like the ones you get on shop bought slipper socks) so I will be adding some of this to Leon’s and definitely to the bottom of Alex’s…I don’t want any accidents.

I think I will need to come up with my own pattern for the diddy shark socks and hope for the best.

Anyway, here are my pictures of Leon’s Shark slippers.


Good luck with yours, I used Stylecraft Aran…I don’t want to link to the pattern this time as it was rubbish…there’s loads of them online if you have a look. Go for a free one!

Melly x

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