Star baby 

I’ve been busy making a cute little blanket for a friend’s expected baby.
It didn’t take me long, and took just two skeins of King Cole Riot. The colour is a bit dark for a baby, but my friend Mel is not one to go for pink for a girl or blue for a boy so I just went for something vibrant and soft and I’m hoping she will love it! The star shape is really useful because Mel baby-wears and the star shape means she can easily tuck it around the sling. I will ask her and if she’s up for it I will add a hood to one of the points.

Here it is all finished, but it is a night time picture so as you can see the colours are not so vibrant.

All finished and tied up with a bow!

The pattern was a crochet crowd video by Mikey. He is a brilliant teacher and I find his tutorials really simple to follow. He does use American terminology though, so if you are an English reader just watch out for that.

Melly x


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