Clover Amour vs Tulip Etimo 

I’m part of LOTS of online crochet groups, I love em! I regularly block miserable news channels from my Newsfeed on Facebook and now only see pictures of other people’s kids and crochet. I would recommend it, it makes for positive Facebooking. Anyway, if it wasn’t for these groups I wouldn’t have found erganomic crochet hooks. There’s a lot of them about and some are VERY expensive, whilst some are cheap as chips coming in at £3 for a set.

I started off with a set of Knit-pro hooks like these


They are lovely and come in their own packet. I still have them, they are quite comfortable to use but I started crocheting all the time when I had a slipped disc and sciatica so my wrist and hand started to ache.


I have bought these for friends that I’ve taught to crochet:



At just £3 they are a good price as a little cheap gift (not so expensive that the person feels like they need to reciprocate but good enough that they do the job) and I like them. I think actually they are a bit better than the knit pro ones because of the price and the comfort.


When I was getting aching hands though, I bought one each of the Etimo Tulip and the Clover Amour. People rave about these hooks, but there are as many different ways to hold a crochet hook as there are crocheters and everyone has their own preference for comfort. I thought I would give you a little comparison so that if you are thinking about which one you may prefer it might give you a helping hand:

Here are a couple of pictures showing how I hold the hook:


The pink hook is a Tulip Etimo and the purple is a Clover Amour. You can see I kind of use a pencil grip.


Here they are side by side. The Tulip is slightly longer (not much) and irritatingly pink…you can buy them with a grey handle but the hook itself is then irritatingly gold! I’m a bit critical I suppose! ha ha I prefer the colours of the Clover Amour, since they are happily rainbow-ish and it is easy to identify which size you are looking for (my 4mm is purple but the dfferent sizes are different colours whereas the Etimos are just different shades of pink)


My Clover sadly gave me a blister though. If you look closely at the two, you will see that the Etimo has a pleasing little thumb-valley. That’s the new official term for it! You can see it above where I’ve opened my grip so you can see where my thumb sits in the little thumbish dimp. COMFY! No more thumb blister, just comfortable crocheting!

I just really wish Tulip Etimo went beyond a 6.5mm hook! I’ve tried one of every type I can get my hands on of the bigger hooks and I can’t get on with any of them. I’ll review them at a later date. 

Anyway, I hope my little review has helped!

 Melly x


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