Jake and Finn from Adventure Time 

My kids (especially Leon) are totally mad on Adventure Time. It’s a Cartoon Network animation about the Adventures of Finn the human in the land of Ooo. He and his magical dog Jake battle evil (usually in the form of The Ice King) rescue princesses and share the love, Dude.

When I saw that there’s a crochet pattern for Finn and Jake by Lucy Ravenscar I of course had to buy it and start right away!

Here is Leon with Jake the Dog: I used Stylecraft Special DK with a 3.5 hook (I’m quite a loose crocheter so I drop a hook size with amigurumi)


As you can see underneath Jake’s legs the pattern is full of helpful pictures which explains how to do each section. Jake’s tail was a little tricky and the straps on Finn’s back pack. I also found the fingers to be a little fiddly but once you get the hang of it it makes total sense!


I decided that Finn should have some important items in his backpack. I started with his sword: I folded up a piece of card the right length and crocheted around it by chaining 2 and sc 6 in the second chain from the hook. I then sc in each sc around until I had worked my way up the length of the card. I made the sword pointier by threading the end tail onto a needle and adding a couple of sewing stitches to the pointy end.

  I made the handle in a similar way:

this time making a rectangle and then sewing it around a piece of card

 I also made binoculars. These are a prop used quite often in the show, so Finn really needed these. The ones in the cartoon are purple so I chose a dark purple yarn and started by making a chain of 12 stitches. I then hdc in the third stitch from the hook and all the way along. I increased on each end so that my little patch of crochet developed into a triangle shape. Apologies, I crochet at night, my pictures are a bit shadowy…but hopefully you get the idea


  I then rolled up my almost triangles and stuffed them with toy stuffing, quite tightly.


I then made a magic loop and crocheted as many doubles as I could into the space, 13 I think…and popped them into the end of the binoculars.I then tacked around the edge in purple to stop it from popping out again.

I joined them together with a small rolled up crochet square in the middle and chained a yellow strap. I made it small enough to go over Finn’s head and big enough to go over Leon’s head 🙂

Do you like my Spiderman pyjamas? Quite the catch, aren’t I?

The Enchiridian is Finn and Jake’s magical reference book. It is often taken out of Finn’s back pack and consulted when they are trying to rescue princesses or reverse evil spells. It’s old and huge, has a broken corner and pages falling out of it. To make this I started by crocheting the front cover: a square starting with a chain of about 12 stitches. To make the fabric of the cover I used htr stitch because it is quite a stocky, fat stitch and I thought it would make it quite chunky.

When I got to the book’s spine I hdc into each stitch but in the front loop only. I’ve discovered that this is the crochet equivalent of scoring a piece of cardboard so you can fold it. It makes a bit of a ridge. I then did three rows of htrs and then I crocheted in the back loops only so that it would fold like a book.

I’m hoping in the picture below you can see my raised spine?

I then used ‘parchment’ coloured yarn for the pages. The first inside page is just sewn onto the cover. It is a flat piece of crochet which fits exactly on the inside of the book.

I then started to make the back pages. The back pages is mostly made up of one, shaped piece. I made a section which fits inside the spine:

but I made it too long, so that it arches like lots of pages in a big fat book.

The picture below shows (terribly, I apologise!) how I filled in the edge. Where you can see my working loop: that’s a treble. Next to that is another treble, followed by two doubles and two htr stitches. This is how I filled in the sides of the book so that it looked like lots of pages rather than one loose, long page.

For the details on the front I used felt. The book has grey metal corners (one corner is missing on the front, one on the back)

I embroidered the details onto felt and stitched it to the front of the book.


Of course the book needed some important information in it! So I embroidered a few squiggles inside.


 The outside of the book  and below, the side when closed.

These are the items that fit in Lucy’s back pack. If you need clarification on anything, message me and I will try and explain better. I’m new to designing things and have never written a pattern in my life!

Hope you like my work! 🙂

Melly x

32 thoughts on “ Jake and Finn from Adventure Time 

  1. This is INCREDIBLE I love to crochet but I’m not nearly as talented as you, this is amazing and I’m sure they were over the moon with such a thoughtful and amazing gift.


  2. These are fab! I haven’t crocheted for soooo long. I had some patterns for the Angry Birds and for some of the characters from Super Mario, and they were the last things I made…


  3. Awww I love these, no wonder you’re children love them. I have been thinking of learning to crochet for the past couple of week as I’ve seen some really gorgeous items that very talented ladies (including) yourself have made by crocheting. I have no idea where to start though.

    Laura x


  4. They are absolutely gorgeous, you are very talented. I find crochet very difficult to do. I knit and quilt and do all sorts of other crafts but never got beyond granny squares with crochet. I’m envious.


    1. I am but I don’t have an active profile. I should work it out but between home educating, being crochet-addicted and blogging I’ve no time left 🙂


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