I recently posted about my Lalylala  Kira Kangaroo that I was planning to make for my little nephew. He is expecting a new baby sister in September and when I saw this beautiful design I immediately thought of making the kanga into a big brother and the little Roo into a baby sis.

Here he is!

I used 4ply cotton and a size 2.5 hook to make it and I loved doing it from start to finish! I learned a new skill, I found that my crochet two together for the decreases were very visible so I posted on my crochet group on Facebook and received support from them. The trick is to only crochet the front loops together, not the whole stitch. This makes for an almost invisible C2tog.

Here are some pictures of me progressing through the pattern:


The legs! You have to kind of turn the feet out and then start to crochet the tops of the legs in order to attach them to the bottom and the body. Mine were not perfectly turned out, I will be a bit more careful next time.


My first head. I think you can see the bottom section of the face is a little loopy? I dropped my hook size to a 2mm and did the invisible 2 tog in order to achieve a better result:



I then added the little hood:



The body was a little lumpy at first, I had to play around with the stuffing to get it even:


And don’t even TALK to me about the knitted scarf! I don’t knit. I can knit but I don’t do it. I swear it took me longer to knit the scarf than it took to make the rest of the kangaroo!

IMG_5849.JPG IMG_5850.JPG IMG_5851.JPG

It was worth it though, the knitted scarf drapes really well and I love how it sort of curls up on itself. I am really chuffed!

I would really recommend these patterns, they are very clear and concise and the instructions are brilliant. I had no problems at all.

I recently purchased a Lalylala  ‘Dirk Dragon’ who is totally adorable, so I will let you take a peek at him when he’s done.

Melly x


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