Supergirl: my crochet doll

I’ve made a dolly!

I bought this book:



I was a bit worried when I read the reviews that I wouldn’t be able to make ‘My Crochet Doll’ as a lot of people were complaining about the lack of instructions…I have to say I struggled a bit with the head and hair. I read this blog post from By Hook, By Hand and so as a result I changed my doll and extended the neck in the same way. I struggled though. I found that when I secured the neck inside the head it pulled the top of the head in, like a big dent. So I ended up filling it out with brown wool under the hair.

Hang on, here’s my dolly!


The pattern says to create the head and a separate disc of brown hair to sew on the top…it looks a lot like an acorn, and when I make another I’m going to change it completely. The hair should be on the back of the head, not just the top, I ended up embroidering the hair on…but going over and over with wool I changed the shape of her head. I’m not liking that!

If I was to make this doll again I would make the hair as a separate cap and sit it on the head where the hair would be. Also you are hooking the hair through the cap rather than into the head meaning you aren’t going to pull stuffing up through the holes in the head.

Talking of filling, another problem was that I overfilled my doll, preferring to make her ‘normal’ sized rather than having super skinny arms and legs. Of course that meant adding stitches to the clothes to accommodate my extra stuffing! So I basically had to rewrite the clothes patterns.

I am a bit of a perfectionist, and whilst I’m quite proud of her (she is my first doll) part of me is wanting to make another and use my experience to improve on the first. The other part of me wants to move on and find a better written pattern. I can’t recommend this book I’m afraid. 

Melly x

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