Sophie: I changed my mind!

This picture is stolen from the internet and I couldn’t find the owner to link back to so I put a note here for the owner to get in touch. I said I would link back to them or take it down completely if that’s what they preferred…well the lady spotted it and sent me a link to her Ravelry account where you can see her work and follow her there. You will need to log in to see all of her beautiful pictures but it’s well worth the effort! I think she made a really beautiful job of it.

This beautiful afghan is the one I am doing instead of the Sophie CAL I posted the other day. The centre square is the first 4 sections of the Sophie CAL, the designer, Dedri calls this section ‘Sophie’s Garden’ and it was loved so much by followers of her patterns and blog that she extended it into an afghan that she named ‘Sophie’s Universe’. Well I intended to make the Sophie’s Universe afghan but when I came across this I immediately fell in love!

Here are my squares so far:


Sophie’s Garden


Square 1 from Dedri’s 2014 block a week CAL


Square 2


Square 3


A part finished Square 4


All my squares look wonky because they need ‘blocking’ which is ironing for crochet. You pin them to foam, squirt with water and leave to dry. When you unpin them they hold their shape. But I can’t be bothered! I’ll do the boring stuff at the end!


More squares!


I did quite a few squares but found that each one came out a slightly different size. When I tried to stitch them together it wasn’t beautiful like my inspirational photo above, it was wonky.


True to form I decided to embrace the wonky and started to freedom crochet the squares together.

It looks better with my beautiful daughter wrapped in it

It isn’t the blanket I set out to make, but I’m pleased with it anyway and Imogen loves it 🙂

Melly x

8 thoughts on “Sophie: I changed my mind!

  1. wow this looks amazing. I used to knit years ago. I would sit with my nan for hours and we would do it together. Haven’t done it for so long. xx Mummy2Monkeys xx


    1. Knitting grows too slowly for me, I’m inpatient but would love to partner up with someone and learn! 🙂


    1. Oh I’m so glad you saw it and gave me permission to use it! I will credit you properly in the main post. Thank you! It’s beautiful beautiful work. Xxx


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