Sophie’s Universe Afghan CAL

I do like these crochet-alongs!

To explain: a crochet along is where a designer releases the pattern for an item gradually and we, the followers blindly ‘crochet-along’ by completing the weekly challenge. It’s great to compare our work with each others on social media and basically get all excited on the night a new section is released!!

Thing is, I don’t like surprises. Paul ended up proposing to me in bed with no engagement ring because I knew he was going to propose and completely ruined his plans by just demanding if he was planning something! I caught him off guard, he said yes he was going to ask me and I said I would without him actually doing any asking!! So that was that! My surprise hot air balloon proposal never happened thank goodness!

Anyway, I digress. I don’t like surprises so I waited around ten weeks to join in this crochet-along! I wanted to be sure I liked it first! It’s a lot of work, and wool isn’t that cheap (even the cheap wool I buy worked out at £30 for this blanket) so I hung back, watching everyone else’s blankets coming along before I made the decision that yes, I did like it and would like to join in!

Sophie’s Universe is designed by Dedri from the ‘LookwhatImade‘ blog and it is beautifully written, and a very intricate pattern. There is a YouTube tutorial for it here and of course that’s what I’ve followed. I am much better when I can see things rather than reading the pattern.

Here is my part 1


Part 2

Part 3

Part 4 The wine was there purely for scale 😉

I will keep you updated!

Melly x


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