Elizabeth’s ‘as we go’ blanket

I’ve been busy crocheting the children a blanket each for months and months! The hardest for me has been Elizabeth’s because she wanted an As We Go blanket  which was a crochet along from 2014 that she spotted in my Inside Crochet magazine. I really loved it as soon as I saw it and was totally excited about starting it but the thing is though, she chose her own colours and I’m not sure I like them. We went to Yarndale in Skipton and Woolwarehouse were there with a huge stand of Stylecraft Special DK. They were only selling the attic 24 packs so Elizabeth spent around 25 minutes choosing her colours whilst the lady very patiently wrote down the names so that when I got home I could order them online. They just don’t seem to blend together well, still I suppose she always manages to look great despite wearing clashing colours so I should trust her!!

I’m not great with written patterns, so if I can find a youtube video I get quite excited…well I found this one from woolywonderscrochet and for the last ten rows I’ve followed it. Well…kinda, I’ve been doing the Sophie’s Universe Cal along side this one:


and whenever I have learned a new stitch on that one, I’ve added a row of it to this! I am learning so fast with these innovative and creative CALs!

We shall see how it comes out…she is thrilled each time I add a stripe, but I’m just not liking it at the moment! I’ll keep you updated 

Melly x

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