Expensive Noro yarn

I accidentally uploaded this random picture without even a title the other day. I had to hope no one noticed!


It has a story to it: I was on one of my jaunts to Skipton with the family when I popped in to Purl and Jane for a nosey. It was one of those days, I shouldn’t have bothered, really. The kids were wanting to go on the market to get one of the longest marshmallows in the World for the trip home, it was raining and Paul neither wanted to come in nor stand outside in the wet…and Oona was tired, in the sling and wanting to be out of it. I however was adamant that I was going in that shop! So the kids stayed outside with Paul and Oona came in with me. I wasn’t intending to buy anything, I just wanted to look. The lady (I assume it was Jane) was chatting to me and I was looking. Oona started crying and arching her back, so she was kind-of hanging out of the ring-sling and I was stubbornly refusing to stop looking at wool! I spotted some rainbow-striped wool on the shelves and thought it was really lovely and without realising how much it was I bought 3 balls of it.

It’s this one:

noro yarn

Three 50g balls of Noro Silk Garden. £9 a ball. Yup. After nearly fainting at the till I paid and left and then felt too intimidated to make anything with it! See there’s a problem: You can’t make much with three 50g balls of wool. To make something really nice I needed more and I wasn’t gonna buy more at that price! I like nice things but I have an issue with my washing pile and my inability to launder ‘nice’ things nicely. So it stayed in its bag and I bought crochet magazines and scoured the internet for patterns but all the ones I liked required more yardage until I found this one on Pinterest:

I immediately loved it but quickly realised that the pattern is in French!! So I drew a blank there. I am really lucky though because I am on a Facebook crochet group where there are thousands of members from all over the world. If it is out there, someone on that group has made it and has the pattern! So within the hour I had the pattern which I followed on YouTube here It looks like a totally complicated pattern, but it is actually really easy in fact it soon got tedious but I persevered and within a couple of days I had it completed.


I really love it! I wasn’t sure at first and of course it’s the wrong time of year for scarves but Paul said it looked like Autumn leaves and I realised it does! It is much warmer than I thought it would be, considering it’s only 5″ wide and I will definitely be putting it away for Autumn.
Hope you like it too!

Melly x

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