Big ol’ crochet bag!

After I received my beautiful BGB (Bionic Gear Bag) I immediately put an order in with Marianne from Picperfic for a bag big enough to hold the BGB and my crochet so I could easily cart it all around with me on my travels.

Her blog post about this is here. You will find some beautiful professional pictures there too!!

The first one she sent was utterly perfect in nearly every way…I really loved it, and could tell that she had in her usual way, made it with every single detail, every stitch, from the fabric choices and the workmanship to the highest possible standard. She had wrapped it in pink tissue paper and when I opened it I was over-joyed until I realised that it wasn’t big enough. I tried to squeeze the BGB and my half finished Granny blanket and enough wool to be able to get my crochet done when I was out but it just wouldn’t go! I was really gutted because I didn’t want to have to message the very lovely Marianne, and tell her. I needn’t have worried though, not only was she lovely about it, she also managed to resell my bag and order me some more fabric before the end of the day!! I soon received my new perfectly perfect bag and here it is. Full of crochet and children!!!


Imogen and the ripple in the bag


The bag full of all my important things!


The empty bag next to everything it had previously contained!


The bag is a squishy pillow for Oona and her light sabre!


And here it is, just big enough for my small child!
I think this bag, just like Mary Poppins is practically perfect in every way!

And just like Mary Poppins’ bag, it is a little bit magic because it fits all sorts of wonderful things in its depths!

Thanks Marianne!

Melly x

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