Coastal Ripple

I’ve really enjoyed making this Coastal Ripple blanket…but there have been times I could’ve thrown it in the bin without a second glance! If you have ever done a ripple you will probably know that they are easy to mess up and ‘frogging’ it back is something you will do frequently in the beginning (or in my case for the first 50 rows or so!!)
I’ve been making it on car journeys to Skipton, sat next to my lovely hubby watching TV and on my Monday night trips to my Crochelize group where I meet my friends for a natter and rather recklessly drink de-caff tea!

It might have the odd tea stain on it but I am really happy with it so far…just another 40 stripes to go!

Find the pattern on Lucy’s blog: Attic 24 (null)

It measures around 120 x 180cm and although I started by following the stripes as on Lucy’s blog, I got fed up of keep checking the list so I just did what I wanted. 

I love the way it looks like the sand and the sea.

And Leon loves it. He hasn’t slept without it since it was completed and it comes down with him in the morning and remains on his spot on the couch til bedtime.

He says it feels like he’s wrapped in love. And of course he is.

Melly x

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