BGB bag: a Christmas pressie for ME!

BGB stands for Bionic Gear Bag. It is an amazing hand-made bag which has a million zips and compartments for all your sewing, crochet or other craft bits and bobs.

There’s patterns for the BGB online so that you can make it yourself:

BGB Website

but it is a little advanced for my skill-set at the moment! So I found a wonderful lady who made it for me in the most perfect fabric ever ever!

This is my bag:



Look at all the sewing pictures on the fabric! Scissors, thread, sewing machine, iron, pins…too cute for words!



Two more fabrics are used on the inside, a lush purple and a super-gorgeous bobbin print one.

THESE ARE NOT my pictures though (sorry for shouting, but I wouldn’t want to take the credit) I stole the pictures from the blog belonging to lovely Marianne who made my bag. Her blog is Picperfic make sure you pop over there and have a look, she is totally amazing, a really talented perfectionist and I adore my bag!

I am currently waiting on a matching, larger bag that I can put this one in along with my crochet and wool and all my other clobber!

I particularly like the little pouch that press-studs on the inside of the bag. It’s perfect for stitch markers and a couple of pound coins for a coffee.

The pockets are perfect for storing hooks and buttons and ribbon, needles and pins and all the other paraphernalia I need to survive the day 🙂

If you get the chance to buy yourself one of these babies don’t deny yourself will you? Bloody marvelous!

Melly x

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