Pompom blanket

So I finished my Attic 24 Granny stripe blanket!
I’m sure you are absolutely dying to know if I did another 17 rows aren’t you? Because I was in a quandry last week about it…well the answer is, no I didn’t. I did another six rows and then decided that I would use a distraction technique in order to make everyone forget that it’s a bit rectanglish and I think it may have worked!


The distraction is the pompoms! I searched high and low for a suitable edging until I eventually remembered the pompoms that Lucy did on her lampshade here.

The first one that I made went wrong, the second and third ones went wrong…the fourth took me about ten minutes and I was starting to loose the will to live but by the last one (there are 182 weeny balls on my blanket) I could knock em out in under 2 minutes each!

They kind of need a bit of messing with a bit before they get sewn on, reshaping and the tail needs sewing in…I also tried to make sure that the start circle was stitched to the edge of the blanket to hide it a bit.

Lucy calls her finished item posts “ta-dah” posts and so this is my ta-dah!



Modelled by my beautiful boy! Photos taken by my talented daughter!








I do really love this blanket! It’s quite a weight, and is great for snuggling up in and I am grateful to Lucy for sharing her patterns with us!

 Pop over there and have a look!

Melly x

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