Attic 24 Granny Stripe Quandry

I’m over-due!

I feel like I’m 40 +3. I was having a baby, my due date arrived and passed and now I am all fat and uncomfortable with elbows sticking in places they shouldn’t be…ok well it isn’t that bad but it’s kinda similar because I am making a Lucy’s Attic 24 Granny Stripe blanket. Lucy said do 60 stripes and I got to 60 stripes and realised mine wasn’t right…

Hang on, I’ll link you to the pattern

This is Lucy’s picture below:

granny ripple

So if you check her (beautiful) blanket out you will see hers is rectangular…but it’s almost square.  Her’s measures 110 x 150cm. When I got to the hallowed 60 stripe mark my blanket measured 160 x 105cm!!! So somehow I had managed to do too many slip stitches in the first place and then somehow my trebles are not as fat as Lucy’s! How is this?!!

Anyway, the thing is it has ended up being very rectangular. And not in a pleasingly rectangular way, like Lucy’s. I’ve got a 17 colour repeat and to get it to 110 cm it would mean I have a repeat of the 17 colours three times…with 4 more stripes added to the end.  I will be finishing the blanket 4 stripes into a 17 stripe pattern!!! Argh!! OCD alert!

Here it is at 60 stripes (sorry, I took the picture in the evening so the colours look terrible):



I promise, my colours are the same ones as Lucy’s!

So I can’t decide what to do about it…do I leave it as a rectangle and put a border on it? Add four more stripes and put a border on it? Or do 17 more stripes and have it as a larger squarer blanket shape THEN do the border?

I should do 17 more stripes and put my OCD nightmare to bed…tuck her up nicely in a perfect granny stripe blanket…BUT I have three more blankets to make after this one! I’ve got Leon’s wool waiting in a bag. It’s calling me! I’m making him a Coastal Ripple and I can’t wait to start it! I am thinking to myself Oona is only diddy, what does it matter if it isn’t perfectly proportioned, she can be wrapped up a zillion times in it as it is!! But then I think, I will know. I will see the terrible shape and feel it. Or if I make it 110cm I  will see a better shape but know I stopped four stripes into a seventeen stripe sequence and I will feel it. That prickly OCD irritablity.


I should do 17 more stripes.

Shouldn’t I?

 Melly x


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